Sahar Davari

My name is Sahar – I am a qualified Homeopath, Reiki Practitioner and a single mum.

I was drawn to Homeopathy because of the health of my son which distorted my life. Mentally I was in pieces until I was treated by Homeopathy and ever since I fell in love with the power of it and Pursued my career and gained Licentia in Homeopathy after 4 years. Meanwhile I gained my Reiki qualification in level 1, 2 and 3.

I treat acute and chronic case in Homeopathy. Either online or face to face depending on their request and their location.

As for Reiki I treat clients either hands on depending on their location or long distance.

Prior my Homeopathy and Reiki career I was working in dental field for nearly 23 years and gained Bachelor Science Degree in Dental Technology.

If you are interested in Homeopathy or Reiki please feel free to book 30min free of charge to discuss your case.

Phone number: 07873 550913


Instagram: @saharhomeopath