The organ systems involved in detoxification include lungs, skin, digestive tract, liver and kidneys. Detoxing the body is essential for optimal health.
The body should be able to detoxify naturally. Only when the detox organs are healthy, they can effectively eliminate toxins and waste products.

Unfortunately, many people’s natural detox pathways are blocked by wrong diet and lifestyle. This causes toxic build-up and a variety of unwanted symptoms. Also, toxic metals in the mouth (amalgam fillings, metallic crowns, metal implants) may cause heavy metals intoxication.

Dietary and lifestyle improvements can help optimize the body’s natural detox system. Liquide zeolite and liposomal supplements can support and enhance the natural detoxification. Good oral health is also very important to maintain overall health.

We strongly recommend to drink from 1.8 LT to 2.3 LT of still water per day. This massively improves the drainage and self-detoxification capacities of the body.

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