Colon Cleanse UK – complete support for stomach and intestines

  • Intestinal cleansing
  • Helps maintain normal bowel function
  • Protects the intestinal wall
  • 100% natural quality ingredients, no chemical additives
  • Free from sugars
  • Gentle but effective
  • 7 sachets = 7 shakes per day. Net weight 105g
  • Complete kit with shake powders, shaker, and instructions

Standard program

  • For people with a normal weight.
  • For people who would like to maintain their clean intestine after doing their first ColonCleanse program.

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ColonCleanse – a natural colon cleanse UK treatment

ColonCleanse  is a colon cleanse UK treatment with Chlorella that facilitates cleaning of the intestines and helps maintain normal bowel function and increase the growth of beneficial intestinal flora. When the intestine is clean, it is better able to absorb nutrients.

Because ColonCleanse with Chlorella enhances intestinal cleansing, it contributes to vitality and digestion.**

Moreover, this colon cleanse uk with Chlorella has a beneficial effect on the function of the gallbladder, liver, and kidneys. This treatment also supports the liver and digestion, which have a beneficial effect on sugar and cholesterol levels.**

All ingredients in the ColonCleanse with Chlorella treatment are of high quality and certified by the Good Manufacturing Practice.

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Available programmes

There are 3 available colon cleanse uk programmes:

  1. ColonCleanse Fast Programme – 3 days: for slim people who do not want to lose weight
  2. ColonCleanse Standard Programme – 6 days: for people with normal weight
  3. ColonCleanse Intensive Programme – 12 days: for overweight people

Standard Programme – 6 days


A few things should be paid attention to for optimal results. Before the program we advise to decrease any amount or type of consumption to rest your intestinal system. During the program your consumption should be limited to our shakes only. Our shakes are full of nutrients, vitamins and energy and prevent any feeling of hunger. The only consumption during the program should consist of the sachets and water.


To prepare your body, it is necessary to reduce any amount and type of consumption two days before starting the program. During these two days your body can rest and get used to the new situation. You consume as little as possible or rather no sugar, coffee and alcohol. We do advise to drink a lot of water.

On the first day of preparation you take half the amount of what you normally consume.

On the second day you eat mostly easy digestible foods. Preferably fruit, soup, yogurt or smoothies in limited amounts.

After the preparation it’s time to start your program. For each day you have one box consisting of 7 sachets, each containing the powder you mix with water to make a single shake. That means 7 shakes consumed, each day. Drink the shake directly after mixing, leaving the shake will cause it to thicken and for some cause it to be inedible.

7 sachets for 7 shakes each day. Net weight 103g.

  1. Wake-up (directly after waking up) 300ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.
  2. Meal shake (as breakfast, half an hour after wake-up shake) 400ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.
  3. Snack (between breakfast and lunch) 300ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.
  4. Meal shake (as lunch) 400ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.
  5. Snack (between breakfast and lunch) 300ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.
  6. Meal shake (as diner) 400ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.
  7. Goodnight (before sleeping) 300ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.

Drink each shake directly after mixing. In addition, drink 2 litres of water each day. No coffee or alcohol.

Tip 1: The mealshakes can be consumed in two steps for a more fluid shake. Take half the sachet and add it to 400ml water. Then take the other half with another 400ml water.

Tip 2: To improve the taste, it’s okay to add some organic juice concentrate to the meal shakes.

After the program
During the program your stomach decreases in volume and your intestines are cleansed of toxins.

Be careful with solid consumptions the first two days after the program. Your stomach has decreased in size and your intestines are no longer “protected” by the biofilm. That’s why we strongly advice to be careful with any consumption the first two days.

The first day after the program you eat mostly easy digestible foods. Preferably fruit, soup, yogurt or smoothies in limited amounts.

The second day you eat soft and cooked foods like soup, cooked eggs, cooked vegetables, cooked potatoes and cooked fish. It’s important that you eat half of your normal consumption.

After these two days you can eat anything, including uncooked vegetables and salads.

Ingredients of the colon cleanse uk

Wake up and good night shake – enzymes blend (2 sachets of 7g – 20 calories per serving)
Content sachet: Wheatgrass powder of organic origin, Vitamunda enzymes blend (amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase, lipase)

Meal blend (3 sachets of 25g – 100 calories per serving)
Content sachet: Oil palm fibre powder, Pea protein powder, Fructo-oligosaccharide, Okra powder, Red rice powder, Guar gum, Mango fruit powder, Vanilla powder.

Snack blend (2 sachets of 8g – 30 calories per serving)
Content sachet: Carrot powder, Passionfruit powder, Pea protein powder, Chlorella pyrenoidosa, Okra powder, Omega-3 fatty acid powder

Free from gluten, soya, sugars, and lactose.

**These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Custom Additional Information

Weight:0.140 kg
Other Information:ColonCleanse by Vitamunda is based on a unique development from the work of trained Dutch Naturopath Marion Schaatsbergen. She spent 40 years actually performing colon cleanses as the main treatment for the patients at her practice. She used and tried practically every different type of colon cleanse, colon hydrotherapy and supplement based treatments. Although her patients were pleased with the results, Marion did not feel that the existing methods were as thorough or as comfortable as they should be.ColonCleanse by Vitamunda removes the “biofilm”. Your colon has a natural moist layer on the surface, but over time it builds up a biofilm layer on top of that. This biofilm layer contains such things as unfriendly bacteria. In Marion’s practice she saw that getting rid of the biofilm gave the best results for a colon cleanse.How does it remove the biofilm? In the most gentle way possible. The main active ingredient is absorbed into the biofilm where it swells until the biofilm eases away from the intestinal wall.ColonCleanse by Vitamunda cleans the whole colon. Treatments like colon hydrotherapy only cleanse the lower part of the intestine. This is a professional program, however, you do it yourself while carrying on with life. The program is a 3, 6 or 12 day schedule consisting of different sachets which you use to make shakes. It is a complete meal replacement. You won’t need to take anything else during that time and you won’t expect to feel hungry. More than 120.000 programs have been sold. It is a proven, safe treatment. It has been recommended by more than 1,000 natural health care practitioners. It is gentle on the colon, unlike some treatments which can scratch the colon wall.


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