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Offer Bio-Impedance Analysis, System Information Therapy and Neurofeedback in your clinic or practice to enhance patient diagnosis and treatment.

How does it impact you and your business when you struggle to make a quick and accurate diagnosis or prescribe an effective course of treatment for a patient?

  • Do you feel frustrated that you can’t provide better answers to your patients’ issues?
  • Maybe your patient’s wellbeing suffers even more because they can’t get the help they are seeking quickly enough?
  • Perhaps that results in higher costs of patient care for you?

All these problems can be solved with Wegamed medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices which use the principles of bio impedance analysis (BIA), System Information Therapy (SIT) and neurofeedback.

What is System Information Therapy?

Also called bioresonance, it’s a method that identifies and changes the frequency of electromagnetic signals in the human organism.

What is BIA?

Bio Impedance Analysis is a method of assessing the body composition, measuring the rate at which a painless low-level electrical current travels through the body.

What is Neurofeedback?

A mind-body technique that helps to gain control over involuntary functions. Neurofeedback is one type of biofeedback involving brain wave activity.

How Bio Impedance Analysis works.

Impedance, from an electrical point of view put simply, is the opposition to the flow of an alternating current. It includes resistance and reactance. Bio-Impedance is thus the measurement of the resistance and reactance to an electric current passing through the body. The resistance is caused by the total body water and the reactance is given by the body cell mass. Variations in the impedance measurements are associable to deviations from health to disease. Bio-Impedance technology simplifies the evaluation, analysis, and monitoring of the body. It’s non-invasive, safe, and can be extremely accurate in also diagnosing patients with chronic disorders. It helps to monitor the vital status, to assess the clinical conditions, and to find connections between parts of the body and between body, illness, and quality of life. It helps unravel why there is a condition and to pinpoint what’s preventing the body from self-healing. From a predictive point of view, it supports the identification of the future onset of disease.

How System Information Therapy works.

It is widely known that human bodies emit electromagnetic radiation, which has a frequency lower than visible light and it’s in the infrared region. These electromagnetic signals are generated inside cells. System Information Therapy is a method that works with a combination of electromagnetic signals that are endogenous and external. Our body has the ability to recover stability when it’s submitted to internal and external situations of demand or stress. This attempt to achieve balance is an adaptive response to diverse circumstances. Adaptive responses can be identified by their specific electromagnetic signal’s emission. Each adaptive response is different, as it’s unique for any person. Over an extended period of time the cumulative effects of adaptation to stress cause wear and tear on the body and this can lead to health issues and

dysregulation. System Information Therapy works with the specific pathological electromagnetic signals emitted by each individual and it aims to help restore self-regulation and self-regeneration capabilities of the body. As the electromagnetic signals are unique to each individual, it allows personalised treatments.

Are you a clinician with a thirst for providing the best, holistic care for your patients?

If you are open to exploring a range of approaches to delivering the best outcome for your patient, then you are in the right place when it comes to options for medical BIA and SIT therapy, whether diagnostic or therapeutic devices.

Benefits of using Wegamed BIA and SIT diagnosis and therapeutic devices
  • Clear and fast diagnosis of patient health issues.
  • Painless, precise and cost-effective examinations, without side effects.
  • Prevention of progression of disease into chronic conditions.
  • Enhanced treatment regimen, boosting the body’s natural healing abilities.
  • Improved patient experience with increased confidence in the practitioner’s ability to make a real difference to the quality of life.
  • Faster patient throughput, increasing your practices profit.
  • Access to high quality training and support for practitioners.

For patients presenting with troublesome, long-standing symptoms which had so far evaded a clear diagnosis, these machines can make a huge difference to physical and mental health. By gaining better understanding of the causes of symptoms, the practitioner and patient can work together to formulate an appropriate treatment plan.

Create a Wegamed Detox or Wellness Centre


The unique detox-concept is the perfect addition for your practice, spa or health centre, providing a comprehensive suite of diagnostic and therapeutic services to help your patients improve their health and wellbeing.

If you are a complementary or alternative medicine practitioner, Bio-Impedance Analysis and System Information Therapy can enrich the services you offer and run parallel to your existing business as an additional income stream. Similarly, those working in spas, sports centres, gyms and fitness can also benefit from the enhancements you can make to your practice by using the diagnostic and therapeutic devices.

The concept includes a combination of customizable devices. Each device covers a different task field which can be further specified. The operation and application of each device is easy to master and can be performed by everyone of your staff. Let your employees handle the devices while you have time for more important tasks and act only as a consultant in specific cases.

Create a lucrative source of income with our concept.

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Devices for Professionals in all Health Sectors


Lemon Well Med have Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Wellness Devices that enable Medical Practitioners, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners and those Wellness Professionals working in the sports, beauty and fitness sectors to enrich their business. Click below to visit each category of product for further information or click here to view the whole range of devices.

Whether you work as a consultant or GP in private practice, a complementary or holistic therapist in your own clinic or you are part of a larger team working in the wellness sector, such as a spa owner or health club, Wegamed devices can help you serve your customers better. And when customers are ecstatic with their experience, your business flourishes.

At LemonWellMed, your business success drives everything we do. From your initial no-obligation discussion through to providing comprehensive device training, you’ll be supported completely as you integrate Wegamed devices into your practice.

If you’d like to find out more about how our devices work or to chat about how you could integrate Wegamed BIA and SIT into your practice, please get in touch by emailing info@lemonwellmed.co.uk.


Truly amazing technology, amazing support from Elena and a great company.

I’ve used my Vega Expert Plus on over 32,000 clients, and all have been amazed at its accuracy to screen the whole body instantly with immediate results. I’ve worked with medical teams who were astonished that I could pick up infections before they present, identify imbalances, and causes and generate information that made complete sense to the patient after years of being chronically ill.

I’ve never advertised my skills… only word of mouth, but somehow people came from all over the world to see me because of good results. This technology is the future!

Allison McQueen-Luzar


I have been using Test Expert Plus (Vega testing) for many years and the results have been excellent. Many people come to find out about allergies or why they are unwell and the machine lets me know which virus or bacterial infection they have had and then I treat them with homeopathy usually.

Jeanette Thomson


‘I have been working with the Test Expert now since 1981 and at the time it transformed my Physiotherapy business.  I was taught by the very man who brought the machine into this country Dr George Lewith, Professor of Complementary medicine at Southampton university, as well as Helmut Schimmel, who devised the method using electro acupuncture according to Voll.

I cannot imagine the number of people who have benefitted from the testing, whether they have just removed the foods from their diet or have also taken the remedies that are suggested for healing their health and wellbeing. It has been an amazing career watching people understand their dietary problems and helping them heal with natural remedies.

The Test Expert is a simple concept with an unbelievable ability to diagnose!’

Alison Wyndham


Heaven Hiskyas has been screened with our Check Medical & Test Expert Plus devices at the IPM Congress 2023.

“I would like to say this has been the most amazing experience when it comes to my health. There are so many things highlighted which I would not have considered a problem. I don’t have symptoms and normally I’m healthy. The report came up with my amalgam fillings how it’s affecting my gut, food intolerance which I never had symptom too and is a surprise to find, chakra energy, etc.

I feel this has highlighted so many important things I need to consider for my health. Both Allison and Elena took their time to give me amazing feedback and answered all the questions I had. I’m so grateful for this experience and I’ll be considering purchasing the machines for my practice.

Thank you again for taking your time to do this. It has really changed my outlook and how much using different methods to understand health can be useful.”

Heaven Hiskyas, Nutritional Therapist, UK

Dr Bhavni Shah has been screened with our Check Medical & Test Expert Plus devices at the IPM Congress 2023.

“The technology is truly mind-blowing and so very insightful. It has taught me so much about my health and it is pioneering and could change medicine and the lives of so many people. Truly amazed!”

Dr Bhavni Shah, GP, UK