In any given project or purchase of new equipment, especially with medical devices, training can often be overlooked. In the excitement to implement something new, ensuring that users know exactly how to operate and enjoy the benefits of the novel system, process or tool can be an afterthought.

Not so at Lemon Well Med.

Here we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive after sales service which includes user training ensuring that your clinic can benefit immediately from your purchase.

We’ve noticed that the following issues can arise with medical devices training:

  1. Too theory based giving insufficient applied guidance to the user.
  2. Training is too general and doesn’t focus enough on helping the user to fully understand all the functionality.
  3. Insufficient practical hands-on time with the equipment for the user to feel competent and confident.
  4. Insufficient / no follow-up or CPD after initial training.
  5. Risk of providing incorrect / incomplete diagnosis or treatment to the patient leading to reputational risk to your practice and loss of patient trust.

We like to do things a little bit differently.

Structure of our medical devices training programme


We’ll need some information about your background, your level of knowledge of how the devices work, who in your clinic will be operating the devices, what sort of patients your clinic works with and your planned usage of the devices.


You’ll start learning the basic technicalities about the devices and the fundamental principles on which the devices work.


In this phase you’ll learn more in detail how to operate all the functionalities and how to interpret all the results and reports. Onsite training enables our trainer to observe your operators to ensure a good understanding. But if training is taking place online, your operators will follow alongside the trainer step by step using your purchased device to complete their comprehensive operator training.


Subsequent short sessions may be booked to refresh knowledge, improve confidence and dexterity or to deal with specific issues.

Benefits of our training:
  1. User feels confident in their knowledge of how to operate the machines.
  2. Correct diagnosis is given.
  3. Appropriate treatments are prescribed.
  4. Patient relationship is enhanced.
  5. Longevity of user capability through ongoing support from Lemon Well Med.
  6. Increasing ROI as machines are utilised to bring increased profits to your clinic.

If you would like to more about the specific devices and their benefits, please check our product page.

We will work with you on your training programme as part of your aftersales service to ensure you can reap the full benefit of your new devices. Training costs will be discussed with each client as individual needs will vary.

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