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Antioxidant Power Couple

In this webinar we discuss what antioxidants are, what they do, and why we need them. Causes of oxidative stress. The innumerable benefits of glutathione powder in liposomal form and of r-alpha-lipoic-acid. Causes of depletion and what health issues can be supported. Correlation between glutathione and CV.

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Previous Events and Media

Belly Fat and Fasting

How do chronic cortisol spikes, impaired HSD enzyme activity, and low testosterone contributes to belly fat, and what can we do about it. Why you should fast, and how to do it correctly. With our nutritional therapist Anita Andor. Reduce cortisol, holistic healthcare. #fasting #fast #nutrition #bellyfat #holistichealth #weightmanagement 

Hay fever

Do you ever wonder why more and more people are developing hay fever? You can find everything you need to know about Hay Fever in this video, the factors that contribute to it, the role of histamine, foods that increase or reduce histamine, and supplements that target inflammation and reduce histamine. With our nutritional therapist Anita Andor. Hay fever relief, hay fever remedies. #hayfever #supplements #inflammation #histamine

The 7 bridges to happy hormones

We are teaching you about the 7 essential bridges to be considered for happy hormones, and how to ensure the key hormones are balanced. The longer chronic hormonal imbalances are unaddressed, the more difficult is to bring them back into balance. With our nutritional therapist Anita Andor. Balancing hormones naturally. #hormones #hormonebalance #hormonebalancingfood

Benefits of Homeopathy

In this webinar Sahar Davari discusses about homeopathy and its incredible benefits. You will learn how it works, what health conditions can be treated, and how to use the remedies. Homeopathy UK, holistic healthcare. #homeopathyhealth #homeopathymedicine #homeopathyworks