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Providing medically-certified and non-invasive med tech solutions to the health, wellness, and fitness industry in the UK.

Lemon Well Med is the official distributor of Wegamed med tech solutions in the UK. Wegamed devices are CE marked, medical grade and based on proven technologies:

  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
  • System Information Therapy (bioresonance)
  • Neurofeedback

These are growing areas in health and wellness diagnostics and therapeutics. Lemon Well Med’s vision is for a world where health and wellness are a right, not a privilege, helping health and wellbeing professionals to provide advanced med tech solutions and approaches which positively impact their patients’ lives.

Our mission is to equip clinics and practices within:

  • Conventional medicine
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
  • Sport and Fitness industry
  • Beauty industry

with state-of-the-art med tech solutions – diagnostic and therapeutic devices – that facilitate faster diagnosis and targeted treatments.

Lemon Well Med is at the forefront of ensuring that healthcare professionals are kept updated with advancements and can implement our technologies into their portfolio of services.

Providing a holistic service from initial enquiry through to training and after-sales customer service, Lemon Well Med is proud of our principles and values which guide every interaction with our clients.



Your experience is core to everything we do. Our aim is for excellent quality through every phase of your customer journey. Quality is non-negotiable – from our devices which always conform to the highest product standards to our responsive customer service – we always have you in mind.


In all our business dealings, respect is vital – for our customers, suppliers and collaborators, whether at home or in other countries. We understand that different cultures operate in different ways and we strive to always be respectful of that, whilst maintaining our own values and ethos. We also make every effort to be respectful of our planet, finding ways to do business as sustainably and ethically as possible.


Your success is our success. Your business growth, profits and rewards are as important to us as they are to you. By creating an environment where we can support you to greater achievement, we establish a win-win relationship which can exist for the long-term.


To maximize professional and personal development, we continuously refresh our knowledge, listen actively, consider different perspectives and learn from mistakes. We strive to find ways to improve how we communicate and operate with ultimate excellence as our goal.



Your business is helping people to find answers to health issues and to access treatments for those problems. Our business is helping you to deliver those positive health results and improve the life of more people.


Your plan for success drives our business. Working alongside you and inspired by your passion, we take time to understand your needs and your customers’ health requirements. You’ll receive expert help to select the most appropriate med tech solutions and products, that help to grow your business.


We are proud to be a small company with great benefits, such us working directly with clients, being responsive to your needs, communicating plainly and clearly and proposing feasible solutions. You’ll always be assured of a completely personal service.


We work hard to build genuine relationships that withstand the test of time. Loyalty pays and long-term cooperation is mutually beneficial. Let’s work cooperatively towards a set of shared health outcomes now and in the future.


Our values define who we are and how we operate. We know our clients appreciate them and we encourage those we work with to adopt these values too.


I’m Elena Lena, the founder of Lemon Well Med. I established the company in 2020. Inspired by my fruitful lemon tree, the Lemon Well Med brand embodies everything associated with the lemon, a symbol of health and vitality. Lemon Well Med’s zest for providing a holistic health and wellness service comes from my passion for offering only the best quality products on the market.

With an academic background in science and languages, my career has taken me all over the world, working with scientific instrumentation companies and eventually leading to me setting up my own company. I’ve a wealth of knowledge about cultivating multicultural relationships and managing language barriers. 

Lemon Well Med have enabled me to bring all my skills together to provide a first class-service to the health and wellness industry, ensuring that all my customers benefit from this relationship. By providing access to technologically advanced machines, we will work together to create a world where everyone can achieve better health.

I’m an experienced trainer and I can help my clients gain competency in using the Wegamed med tech solutions. I strive to deliver great learning experiences and to enable the full potential in my clients. I love building strong and genuine human relationships, that let people feel comfortable with the training process, enhancing their confidence in the machines.

I’d love to find out more about your clinic or practice, how you current treat your patients and where you might currently have diagnostic or treatment challenges that I could help you solve.

For a chat about how we could work together, please get in touch via email at elena@lemonwellmed.co.uk.

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