Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


If you have any questions about these Terms & Conditions, please contact us.

Phone: 07468 433411

Email: info@lemonwellmed.co.uk


You can purchase any digital events made available through us via our events & media page. The registration of an account is not required.

Methods of Payment

Payment may be made by Apple pay, Google pay, debit, or credit card. For bank transfer please contact us at info@lemonwellmed.co.uk.

Authority for payment will be requested from your card issuer at the time of your order. We ‘debit’ your card with the full price at the time of the order being placed.

We reserve the right to terminate our agreement with you if we are refused authority for payment or reasonably believe that payment will be refused at any stage, or if it is found to be a fraudulent payment.


All prices shown on the website are VAT included. The price of the events will be as quoted on the website at the time you confirm your order subject only to any inadvertent technical error for which we will not be liable.

Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise indicated, Lemon Well Med owns copyright for the content presented in the events. Some of the copyright for the content on this website may be owned by individual presenters and is included on our website under agreement. Events and recordings are to be viewed by the registrant only; the content must under no circumstances be recorded or reproduced.

If you seek to reproduce or otherwise use the content of our events in any way, it is your responsibility to obtain approval for such use where necessary. Any breach of copyright or any unauthorized use of the material may lead to legal action.

Learning Outcomes

Lemon Well Med is not liable for the detailed content of any events, quality of presentation or if learning outcomes did not entirely meet expectations. We let our speakers freely express their ideas and share their methods that not necessarily correspond to the general public’s opinion.

Links from the event

Events may contain links to other websites over which Lemon Well Med has no control. We make no representations about the accuracy of information contained on those websites. We are not liable for the content on those websites.

Events are recorded

The virtual event facility includes a feature that allows video, audio and any documents and other materials exchanged or viewed during the session to be recorded. By joining a session, you automatically consent to such recordings. If you do not consent to the recording, please contact Lemon Well Med to discuss your concerns in good time prior to the web-event date.

Web-event participation may require you to configure your software settings on your web-device upon first use or require you to download the software for your operating system. After registration we will send you all necessary links. Please note that you may require administrator privileges on your computer to be able to manually install software.

Events materials

The events presenter may provide reference materials for your use during or after the event. These may include (but are not limited to) the following:

a workbook

a copy of the slides

sample documents, templates, or other material for use during the digital event

All event-related materials remain copyright of Lemon Well Med. They must not be distributed to any third party at any time or in any form without written permission from Lemon Well Med.

Data Protection

Lemon Well Med agrees that all customer details provided at the time of purchase of the event shall remain owned by Lemon Well Med and no rights shall extend to use such data outside the events.

Events Cancellations & Refunds

If you are unable to attend an event and would like a refund on your registration fees, you must submit a cancellation in writing at least 3 days prior to the event. Please submit cancellations to info@lemonwellmed.co.uk. We regret that we cannot issue a refund to those who cancel after the link for accessing the event has been distributed.

In the event of a major technological problem that prevents or interrupts the live event, such as a power outage at our broadcast site, we will either re-broadcast the event or issue registrants an event credit. Credits may be applied toward any Lemon Well Med event and are valid for one year from the credit’s date of issuance.