Ionic Detox Foot Bath


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Wegamed Ionic Detox Foot Bath

  • The original Ionic Detox Foot Bath pioneered and developed by Dr Mary Staggs.
  • Now manufactured in Germany to superior standards.
  • It can be used at home, in clinics, and in practices.
  • It’s user-friendly and safe.
  • It is a fast and effective way of stimulating and balancing the bio-energetic fields of the body.
  • It promotes better organ function and auto-detoxification.

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Ionic Detox Foot Bath is solely a product for wellness and not for medical use.

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What does the Ionic Detox Foot Bath device do?

The Ionic Detox Foot Bath is a revolutionary way to stimulate the body to release and excrete all the toxins which inevitably build up through contact with pollution, inadequate nutrition, inflammation and other illnesses. The treatment balances the bio-energetic fields in the body, enabling improved organ function which helps the body to detoxify.

How the Ionic Detox Foot Bath works

During the foot bath session the colour of the water changes. Along with a change in pH, this indicates the unit is producing an electrical current in the water. The result is a chemical reaction called electrolysis and the generation of an electro-magnetic field.

The water, due to its content of ionic salts, becomes magnetized. The magnetic field is picked up by body fluids and it extends up through the body. The numerous reflex zones in the feet are stimulated by the electro-magnetic energy. As a consequence, stimuli are conveyed to the different organs and bodily systems. The result is a mobilization of residues, toxins, and waste products together with a natural stimulation of the organs responsible for drainage and elimination of harmful substances from our body.

The importance of micro-circulation

Micro-circulation is the flow of blood through the vascular networks. These include arterioles, venules, capillaries etc. Micro-circulation is responsible for the carrying of oxygen and nutritional matter into our tissues. It is also the means by which waste products are passed out of our tissues (i.e., carbon dioxide, lactic acid and metabolic production). The better the micro-circulation, the more oxygen and nutrients are provided to the body. This accelerates our self-healing mechanisms.

Poor micro-circulation can cause damage which begins at the molecular level where cells are unable to properly flush normal by-products and toxic pollutants. This clogs up our system. Micro-circulation failure can trigger many illnesses, especially chronic conditions. It can therefore be a cause or contributing factor to some very undesirable health conditions. The Detox Foot Bath therapy stimulates and helps improve the micro-circulation.

Benefits to you

  • Helps cleanse the body through non-invasive, relaxing treatment.
  • Supports your body’s own systems of elimination.
  • There is NO need to go on special diets or take numerous pills with this system.
  • Easy to use and painless. Other forms of detoxification can be very challenging for some people.

Who can benefit from Mary Staggs Ionic Detox Foot Bath?

Nearly everyone can benefit from using the detox footbath, even those who think to be healthy and follow a balanced nutritious diet. In particular, those who present with health issues such as pain, tiredness and feeling run down can benefit from regular detoxification treatments. However, this treatment is harmless, relaxing and can benefit anyone who wishes to keep the body in balance and optimal health.

Who should NOT use the Detox Foot Bath

  • Anyone with a surgical implant that operates with batteries such as a pacemaker
  • Women who think they are or could be pregnant
  • Anyone who has received a transplant
  • Epileptics
  • Haemophiliacs

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